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What is Clovereed?

Clovereed is a sustainable fashion marketplace where you can shop ethical clothing brands based on your ideals.

Together with our community and our brand partners you have the chance not only to live in a better future, but to create it.

Are you interested?

Stay in touch for offers and updates on how you can shop while having a positive impact on the world!

Want to get a treat for you or the family?

These brands are going full green by reducing plastic!



This Spanish brand is cutting back on plastic pollution bigtime by making sunglasses and watches with bamboo!


Saola Shoes

The revolutionary materials involved in designing these comfortable shoes include algae foam and recycled PET

Camisetas Uttopy Girls Matter 29.png


Don't panic, go organic. Or at least organic cotton. Uttopy is a spanish brand with t-shirts that represent ethical causes!

Featured Eco-Conscious Picks