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Oversize t-shirt designed for women like you who believe in the power of dreams.

By buying it, you help Uttopy donate €4 to Make A Wish so that children with serious illnesses improve their recovery thanks to the magic of dreams.

Ethically produced with organic cotton and reduced water use.

Women Grey Oversize “I’m A Dreamer” T-Shirt

VAT Included
  • Boatneck model. If in doubt, pick one size smaller.

    100% organic cotton.

    90% water saved in production.

    Produced in factories certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

    Artisanal stamping in Barcelona.

    Cause information:

    Keeping illusions alive is a great source of emotional strength. Therefore, when children with serious illnesses come closer to achieving them, their resilience improves and they become better able to cope with physical and mental strain, increasing the chances of their medical recovery.