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This eco-friendly scarf was made using organic cotton spun, woven, dyed and block-printed by hand using artisanal techniques!

Soft and stylish, the fabric makes for a comfortable sustainable accessory that pair well with anything.

True to their brand’s name, Where Does it Come From?’s scarves are fully traceable so you can explore their eco-friendly processes and get to know the people involved in making them!

Tortoise Scarf Green

VAT Included
  • Ethically hand-made by co-operative artisans in Gujarat, India.

    Fully traceable through a code in the tag.

    True to Clovereed’s values, WDICF takes their shipping & packaging very seriously. Shirts and tunics are sent out in recycled boxes, scarves are wrapped in recycled tissue and their double-thickness shipment envelopes and clothing tags are 100% recyclable!

  • 100% organic cotton sourced in ecological rain-fed farms in Uganda as part of the brand’s effort to establish a transparent supply chain in Africa.